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Women's Braided Strap Slingbacks Wedge Heel Slippers

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Product Description

  • Foot type: Round head
  • Inner material: PU
  • Outsole material: Rubber
  • Heel structure: Wedge heel shoes
  • Function: Daily shoes
  • Style: Bohemian, ethnic
  • Season: Summer

Natural rubber Natural rubber cushion shoe pad can relieve pressure on the feet.

  • There are various materials used for making shoes soles. 
  • The most popular ones are leather and rubber.
  • Among the two,the Rubber soles in footwear are more advantages. 
  • Excellent wear resistance,Good tensile strength.


Braethable shoes can make your feet stay dry and comfortable.

  • Whether you want to stay on top of taking your dog out for a walk every day , wearing shoes with a breathable will keep your feet dry, and cozy while you do it.
  • Did you know that, when your feet are wet, they are more likely to develop blisters?
  • This is because your skin becomes soft and more susceptible to rubbing and abrasions from running or walking.
  • Wearing breathable shoes keep feet can stay dry and comfortable.


Large Footbed Design

  • No matter what style your feet are, you will feel comfortable
  • Our sole will relieve your feet pressure.


Non-Slip Rubber sole

  • These soles are often made out of high-grade rubber, which provides solid,
  • strong traction and is proven in its efficiency as a non-slip sole.